This book is proud to support The Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign. 30 years of lies: No justice. No peace. Never forget. Never forgive.

The Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign

In Loving Memory of Work is proud to support the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign as they seek truth and justice for all miners victimised by the police at the Orgreave Coking Plant, South Yorkshire, on June 18th 1984.

Orgreave is part of the pattern of cover-ups and lies by the police from many different forces, which are now being exposed. The OTJC call for a full public inquiry, to take place as soon as possible, into the policing and subsequent statements recorded by the police at the time.

We ask that everyone who seeks the truth and wants justice to support us in our campaign.

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

The Working Class Movement Library

Working people have always struggled to get their voices heard. The Working Class Movement Library records over 200 years of organising and campaigning by ordinary men and women. The collection provides a rich insight into working people's daily lives as well as their thoughts, hopes, fears and the roles they played in the significant events of their time. The Library houses a vast collection of books, pamphlets, archives, photographs, plays, poetry, songs, banners, posters, badges, cartoons, journals, biographies, reports and recordings.

The Library was founded in 1956 by Edmund (Eddie) and Ruth Frow. The collection dates as far back as the 1760s, and captures many points of view to tell the story of Britain's working classes from the beginning of industrialisation to the present day.

A charitable trust, the Library can only exist through generosity and support of donations and grants to maintain their unique and important collections, referred to by Tony Benn as ‘one of the greatest educational institutions in Britain’.

The Library is free for everyone to use.

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