Features original contributions and the work of the following artists, designers, musicians, comedians, writers, film-makers, and those involved in the strike:

& Featuring

Ken Loach
Alexei Sayle
The Clash
Jeremy Deller
Jonathan Barnbrook
Ian Anderson &
The Designers Republic
Ken Garland
Rick Poynor
Anne Scargill
Betty Cook
Aggie Currie
Paul Morton
Alan Hardman & The Militant
Lesley Boulton
John Harris
Mike Mansfield QC
Yvette Vanson
Andrew Turner
Ed Hall
Andrew Howard
Kevin Franklin
Colin Clews
Bjorn Rantill
Martin Shakeshaft
Billy Bragg
Bruce Springsteen
Test Dept.
Paul Weller
Spitting Image
Darren Coffield
Dave Douglass
Mike Elliott
Sid Brown
Nicholas Baldion
Paul Winter
Tony Wright
Joe Rollin
Alan Bailey
Phil Winnard
Peter Kennard

“the countless small actions of unknown people” which lie at the roots of “those great moments”.
(Para. Howard Zinn.)